Hi! I need help on engineering portfolio pls

Hii!! So, it is my first year in ftc and i was formerly in vex. This engineering portfolio thing is pretty new to me, and unfortunately I havent been able to learn from anyone. I tried to look for info online about it but I couldnt really get anything. My team’s first competition is this saturday and I still have to idea what to do… can anyone help please?

Thank you!!

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ive also been keeping an engineering journal, so is that required too?

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Even though I’m a senior, I mostly made our FTC (8892) portfolio last year because we hadn’t gotten around to recruiting middle schoolers, and we were training our freshmen. Graphically, it was disgusting (I’ve learned a lot since then) but apparently the judges at our comp were quite into it, and we almost won an award for it. (maybe also for our presentation). Here it is in case you want to take a look: Team 8892 - Google Docs
Last year you only needed the portfolio, and I’m pretty sure it’s the same for this year.

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ohhh thank you so much

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