hi kuli

Posted by Rob Mastria.

Student on team #88, TJ², from Bridgewater-Raynham Regional High School and Johnson & Johnson.

Posted on 1/8/2000 10:09 AM MST

Hey everyone, kuli is in hawaii so everyone remember to write him an email saying hi. his screen name is [email protected]. Everyone remember to say hi. see ya all

Rob Mastria
Team # 88
Driver 98-99

Posted by Michael Martus.   [PICTURE: SAME | NEW | HELP]

Coach on team #47, Chief Delphi, from Pontiac Central H.S. and Delphi Automotives Systems.

Posted on 1/9/2000 10:19 AM MST

In Reply to: hi kuli posted by Rob Mastria on 1/8/2000 10:09 AM MST:

Chief Delphi says welcome to the greatest competition and educational experience you will ever take part in.

BTW if you have a regional we WILL attend :slight_smile: :slight_smile:
give us a year to fundraise the cash.