I am a member of team 842 and I need an email address from all of the FIRST Robotics team mentors or instructors to add to my teams email list if you have time please email it to me at [email protected]

Hi and welcome to Chief Delphi!

Through your team’s TIMS account, you have access to the ability to email all FIRST team mentors. If your team leader goes into that account, he/she can do what you need to do. There is no list of team mentor contacts other than that available at this time.

Erm… I’m wondering whether your purpose might be better served by asking a more focused question. By my quick and dirty accounting, on CD alone there are 1000 people who fit your request. Plus 300 college students, and however many people are in the masses of the unaffiliated. Many of these people aren’t really active, but I’d say you’re still likely to get in excess of 200 email addresses.

Basically, I’m curious what the purpose of this is. I don’t think you’ll get any email addresses unless you tell us what you’re planning to do with them. If you’re just planning on telling a large part of the community what your team is up to, a post on CD here works just as well or better. If you’re looking for help or mentorship, you might just want to keep the request to teams in your area, with posts on CD for the real hard problems. If you have some other reason… well please enlighten us.

if you really want to pool a lot of email adresses go through the team lists and go to their websites. then find the contact us button and collect email adresses that way. that was some of the freshman grunt work i had to do before we went to the championship so every would know about our website and our “ambassador program”. it was a living hell.

To be honest Im not quite sure peopl wanna just give out there email to some random person that asks for the email of many many people. The idea has SPAM written all over it.

You can get to our team web site at aceshigh176.org you join then you add what ever content you want our team to know.