HID Joystick classes - Vibrating Joysticks

Does any one know of a way to access the windows DirectInput Interfaces with the winriver/frc available headers and classes?
I didn’t see anything in the hid or joystick headers.
The end result desired is to call the DirectInputEffectDriver interface to cause a vibrating joystick to vibrate. Or if there is any other way you know of vibrating a joystick programatically please enlighten me.

The Cypress boards have digital outputs. So you could disconnect the shaker device from the joystick’s controller and hook it directly to a digital output. Just check to make sure that the digital output can handle the load from the shaker.

Yea I had something like that in mind as plan B. :smiley:

Since you can add data to the Dashboard data coming from the robot, you could add some values for vibration into your user data of the dashboard packets. You could then make a program that peeks at incoming packets and interfaces with DirectInput to give you the force feedback you want.

Just read your post slavik262.
That is what I want to do. Receive input data and use direct input.
I forgot that the real place to do this would be the PC dashboard. It receives the sensor data and runs on windows, not on the controller. All I have to do is make an active x control with the direct input API and call it from the pc dashboard.
Problem solved!