Hidden gem robots

What team/robot was a hidden gem at one of your competition or a competition you’ve seen?

Well I’m not sure if they can be called hidden anymore, but 6443’s preformace this year was incredible all year long, and prior to IRI they had gone largely unnoticed.


In my opinion, 4256 fits this bill very well. This season they fielded a very well-done low robot with swerve and over-the-back scoring, which was very fun to watch. They were semifinalists at St. Louis and finalists at Central Illinois, qualifying off a wildcard.


If we include previous years, I would say 5818 in 2016. They had the capability to do a 1 ball auto, had a climber, could do 3-5 balls a match, and could cross a fair number defenses. It baffles me that they weren’t picked in 2016 on Newton.



No one outside of Michigan really knows about 2851, and many inside Michigan don’t know who they are either. They did really well this season and it was an honest surprise that they didn’t take home any blue banners. They were finalist at Center Line as the first pick of the 2nd alliance and were alliance captains at each event after, including on the incredibly stacked Curie Division. They were capable of 15 game pieces matches, as shown in this match, and soloed many rockets. It’s a shame not many people know who they are because they were honestly one of the best rocket bots in the state of Michigan and just a great cycler in general.


For me, 5085 Lakerbots. Definitely a big factor in us winning a blue banner in Wilsonville. We were shocked they were still available for our second pick alliance 2. They finished DCMP first team not extended an invite to Houston and nobody in district declined. They had some bad luck with matches at DCMP, deserved Houston this year. Definitely better at game execution than their results showed.

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Weren’t they an offshoot of 1717 when they got shut down, or something like that?

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Same area and I think they had some mentor and (future) student overlap. They have had some really unique robots the last few years.

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Team 86 in 2010


+1. Crevolution was scary on Dow. [That match you linked, … ]

Weebles wobble but they don’t fall down.


There is a lot of overlap, but an awful lot of it is officially coincidence.

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2052 was the best hidden gem at North Champs IMO. Lasted until the 4th robot of the 2nd alliance on Carson and played the best defense I’ve seen this year. I never thought I’d be calling 2052 a “hidden gem” but they absolutely were at champs this year.



For some context: 2052 won 2 regionals and has one of the best coaches in FRC. I still don’t understand why nobody wanted to take a chance on them!

Because carson had a lot of defense robots. You fan even see this by alliance 2 picking a scoring robot (you) before they pick their defensive robot.

I don’t know how well known they really are, but 3542 S.P.E.E.D really surprised me this year on Darwin


2016 in 2008. Fantastic little lapbot which we (11) picked from the eighth seed to win the Annapolis regional in 08. They went onto be the Newton division finalist that year. Gotta love the overlooked lapbots!

Not too well known but working on it. Thanks!

3324, they were the second highest cycling team on Tesla. Super smart team that built a very simple and effective robot, had a great drive team that was easy to work with, and played killer D when called upon.


5885’s robot this year was a bit of a gem. Their “hidden talent” during the endgame was always so neat to watch.

That might be a new favorite FRC video for me. I almost just cheered at my desk when it popped out the self righting arm at the end.

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