Hidden Update from 2014-01-07

I noticed this little nugget of information that wasn’t in the original manual, and wasn’t highlighted in the update. This means that TRUSS & CATCH points are awarded whether or not a goal is scored! :smiley:

Awesome catch! Hopefully this will be highlighted in tonight’s update (they come Tuesdays and Thursdays if my memory serves me correct)

Especially important during the end game

That was in the original manual. Truss and catch points are awarded once per cycle when you toss it and when you catch it.

It was a change that was first shown in the update but it was simply not highlighted in yellow.

It wasn’t, I just checked. Good catch (no pun intended).

Off the original manual:


And if it’s still unclear:

A ball SCORED means a state in which it has accrued points for the alliance. Any argument that truss scores were not clearly instant is invalid. The definition of a CATCH however, does not show that it instantly accrues points.

Iaquinto.Joe - thank you for pointing that out. Reading through the original rules, it was a bit unclear to some on whether or not these points were instant or not. Great job to you for understanding it so clearly from the start! The rest of us are thankful for the clarification in the update::safety::

I don’t see how saying “the ball is scored over the truss” explicitly proves that the points are added the instant it is scored over the truss versus being added when the ball is scored in the goal. As it was written that very well could have been interpreted, and argued for either way (though I’m sure the refs would have clarified the intention of the rule). The bold text explicitly stating the intent of the rule that Carl pointed out was not in the previous manual. Open the manual, hit ctrl F and type “and as each objective is achieved”, it’s not there and the clarification was definitely welcome as the original rule was not entirely clear.

The fact that assist and hot goal points are worked into the goal scoring but the truss and catch points were kept separate was also a pretty good indicator.

A BALL SCORED is defined in the glossary as a ball that has accrued points. A BALL SCORED over the truss has accrued points from being tossed over the TRUSS through the TRUSS POLES. Because this ball is still in the FIELD Area and has not been scored through either a LOW GOAL or a HIGH GOAL, the points must be added as the TRUSS SCORE is completed.