Hidden Vex TV Commercial?

So I was perusing VexLABS.com and I found what appears to be a hidden vex commercial.


Well it wouldn’t be fun if I just told, but here’s a hint, it’s something that wouldn’t normally be a link.

If nobody posts back by 9:30 EST saying they found it I’ll tell you where it is.

Found it about 10 minutes ago


I shouldn’t give out where it is


found it!

edit - im not telling wher, but it is there. the hidden link sends you to a directory with just the video, and has a title of “Dont Click Here”

I second that. :rolleyes: What can I say I’m a conformist…JVN controls my life, my VEX life…

That guy is way prettier than JVN - thank goodness :wink:

Ok everyone, time to reveal it.

On the VexLABS.com homepage on the bottom there’s a series of bullets, the last bullet image on the bottom left is the link, hover over it and it says “Don’t Click me!”

I think, this is all from memory…

I just wanna say…I wish Channel One had prizes like that when I was in high school!

(Wait, my brother’s still eligible…fwahaahaa.)

Well, I can’t find the contest on the site mentioned, so I’m assuming this is relatively new. Great find!

I just looked at the one movie, but now there are two in the directory, one called VEX 2 3001.wmv and the other called BombSquad.mov. Vex 2 was pretty cute and puts me in mind of an earlier thread started by JVN. I tried to look at the other one, but I can’t see the video on it here at work. The audio sounded interesting though. Baxter Bomb Squad strikes again?

Doesn’t look like anything of 16’s doing…but it’s worth the 30 seconds nonetheless.

With the ad title at the start of the “bomb squad” video, it appears to be a holiday sales ad for Radioshack and VEX. It s nice to see the push Radioshack has been doing as of late to market the VEX kit as more then another toy, but of something [dare i say] Useful.

The Bomb Squad’s cool, but wait… was that a FVC legal racketball I see in the Channel One commercial! :ahh:

JVN are you teasing us with a sample FVC bot? :yikes: