Hide replies when scrolling after viewing them in a dropdown reply?

First off, I’m loving the new CD, spending much more time here than I used to (for better or for worse haha)

My question is if it is possible to hide replies once you’ve already read it - essentially if I click a dropdown reply, can I hide when I continue to read the thread?

Additionally, are completely nested replies possible/happening? (Essentially, if two people are replying to each other regularly, can I read everything they said in one single dropdown menu (kinda like Reddit)?)

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I don’t believe either of those requests are possible with the current software.

For the hidden replies, as long as you’re logged in when you visit a thread in the future it should start you where you left off.

And there aren’t any threading options … the best you can do is look at the top right and see what post they are replying to.

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