Hide the kids Mildred! John Deere's Gaint Walking Robot




OMG :yikes: I have no idea what to say… except this would look beautiful sitting next to my current John Deere fleet back on my Homestead. No one can understand how much this would help “expediate” the logging and wood cutting process we are doing.

I want one! :eek:

Thats all that needs to be said. :smiley:

o my i want one, i dont care if florida isnt that woody i want one to drive on the streets, i dont care if they are street legal or not, cars would stop if they saw that thing coming at them

thats pimp

Oh so cool! I could use one of them to navigate my living room right now (haven’t had much chance to do any cleaning lately). My living room has tall ceilings, so it might fit… if not, well then my upstairs neighbors and I will get to know each other a little better… :smiley:


needs a wing on the back :^)

Whoa…drops jaw and begins to imagine getting to school in the mornings…

I wonder how well that could help the logging industry, It could mean eaiser access to logging areas that could even help cut down the numebr of trees cut down.

That looks so cool…

Look at entry number 8 below the description

Posted Mar 15, 2005, 10:22 PM ET by Gazza

I can just see a pair of gatling guns and a flame thrower mounted WITH the chainsaw thing at the end.


This is why we need FIRST


That is insane! :eek: :ahh: :yikes:

It needs a big wing, big muffler, and spinners.

Oh wait.

Oh well, its almost pimp.

-Andy A.

all i can say is
“Lord Vader, we are in orbit of the HOTH system”
"good, prepare your men for a ground assult’

I want an army of those!!!