High Boiler Shooters: Turret, or fixed shooter?

I believe this might be beneficial to lots of teams so as to avoid traffic- if there are two robots that can only score by being pressed against the boiler, an alliance might need to plan accordingly!

EDIT- PLEASE READ: If there is not an option that describes your team in any way, please feel free to comment it below!

I feel like many teams won’t fit into any of the options you’ve presented. A turret isn’t the only way to shoot into the hopper from multiple positions.

True, I did leave that out, but I guess we could include the robots that do that in the “turret” category because what I’m really looking for is how many teams will be up against the boiler when shooting.

Agreed…our students built in 4 degrees of freedom - swerve to aim in the open field and a ±15° turret for both fine adjust and shooting with bumpers against the hopper, boiler or driver station wall. We also have an actuated shooter hood to change the release angle and closed loop flywheel speed control.

Oops. I already selected “fixed and a single position that is not the boiler” before I read this lol. We will be able to shoot from multiple positions and angles without a turret.

Haha, it’s all good. I made his in the heat of the moment to figure some stuff out for what I needed. The only relevant data here is the fact that you’re up against the boiler or you’re not. The other is just extra in case I need it for some reason.

Yeah, I apologize for not including those extra things, but I certainly don’t mine having you post what your plan of attack is if it isn’t an option for the poll!

We won’t have a turret. The first iteration will shoot from 1 position but we may add a second one if needed.