High Coefficient of Friction Rubber Wheels

We are currently using the 8" 2010 FIRST wheels for a flywheel shooter, but if we turn the wheels at a high speed, the ball slips due to the low coefficient of friction of the wheels. Is there an alternative 8" wheel we can use, which has a higher coefficient of friction, and doesn’t shred the balls (the KOP chassis wheels shred the ball for sure)?

Most flywheel shooters use compression to increase the normal force, which causes the friction to increase. The wheels you are using should work for your shooter, however you will need to adjust the geometry to compress the ball a proper amount to allow for accurate and consistent shooting.

I wouldn’t worry about any wheels in particular spreading balls because the all will eventually. We have the 4" wheels on our shooter. And Ri3D greenhorns used them.

Just remember compression is everything.

Just move the wheels closer together, the compression on the ball will solve your problem.

68 used those exact wheels in 2012 with great results, and those balls were as slick as or slicker than the balls this year. As others have said, compression is everything. We had a maximum of about 2.5", and I don’t suspect that teams will need any more than that to shoot from the outer works this year. It’s possible, but with a reasonable speed I think it should be enough.