High goal or low goal?

Now that everyone is settling into designs, I’m curious what people plan to design their robots to be capable of.

  • Only high goal (inner and/or outer)
  • Only low goal
  • Both goals

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Excuse me but there is no option for neither


Now another poll for successful High and Low goals in an actual game…

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Low for us is a happy accident


The question is, how accurate will this be when we compare it to the sport as a whole, not just CD teams.

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I’m really surprised by the number of teams going “high goal” only. (at least among the number of CD users who have voted so far) What happens if your high-goal-only shooter mech malfunctions?

We’ve planned from the get-go to have an intake that doubles as a low goal dumber, similar to what Everybot ended up having. Seems like a necessary design consideration.

Wow, didn’t expect such a high percentage for high goal only.

Something tells me that the actual percentages are going to vary quite highly from CD’s.


I think CD’s are pretty accurate as there are two high goals in the same spot as the low goal (hope the high goal shooter doesn’t break and works) we’ll see.

i’m surprised, thought a lot of people would vote for “we are too prideful to go for the low goal but we will end up making less than half of our high goal shots”


There’s a known bias on CD towards higher-level teams. Compare nearly any CD survey to the results for all FRC teams any you’ll find that CD biases towards more successful teams. Hopefully the teams with less resources that are under-represented here are planning strategically and designing to go low.


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