High Hanging Mechanism

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I realized that a couple of robots could high hang, but this compromised their ability to score any points outside of their high hang. I was wondering if anybody had any ideas for a robot that could high hang and score goals… Any contributions would be appreciated.
Eric Savoy-Pitfield, Team 610

Do you mean a robot that score on both the high and low pegs with ease? And does your robot have a problem with this, or are you just speaking in hypotheticals?

I’m sorry, but I am somewhat confused as to what exactly your question is.

I think the solution to this question is an elevator…

Hey I made a robot that could score on all goals, de-score all goals, and low and high hang (for hanging in autonomous), but I was too busy to finish it and program it because of FRC things. It used a double four-bar arm that could reach back over itself, and linear slides on surgical tubing for the last couple inches the arm couldn’t lift (because of dimensions) for high hanging. I tested it and it worked very nicely.

Wish I finished it and competed it would have been fun, but in typical 233 fashion it was in a couple pieces when it came time to use it.

he’s talking about VEX, assuming you saw this thread from the portal like I did

Whoops, I’m embarrassed now. :o Sorry about that.


If you’re talking about VRC, Team 1103 (Titan) has easily the best robot that can both score/descore and high hang. Check out this thread on vex forum: http://www.vexforum.com/showthread.php?t=28552&highlight=1103


The key to a simple, yet fast high hang lies in the use of an extremely strong elevator. To maximise efficiency, this can be put on the same arm that is used to pick up rings, or a separate elevator on the back of the robot.

KISS should be applied when you design this prototype. The simpler the better.

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What our team found this year (355A) was that our claw arm wasn’t enough power to lift up. We had a four bar with 4 296 motors, but found that although they had enough power to just about lift the robot up, it would back drive once it was all the way up (although our robot this year weighed 19.6 lbs!). We added a winch kit to each side with a 393 motor on each one and it was plenty of strength for a high hang, and the ratchets on the kits kept it from back driving. Unfortunately our team wasn’t able to pull off hanging before our regional because the way the winch’s were positioned, the string would run into the claw when it folded back. Also a certain other robotics team got in the way come January too…:stuck_out_tongue: