High Impedance Air Gap

So the other day I was working on some lighting for a concert, and some of lighting heads weren’t working. I spent about twenty minutes trying to figurer out what was wrong only to realize that I was having a simple high impedance air gap…

Thank goodness it wasn’t a low impedance air* gap, that gets dangerous!


*plasma, really

This one time, I was playing around with a zero impedance air gap manipulator, and I almost created a hole in the space time continuum - luckily the gravitational forces and the non-zero size of the event horizon quickly changed the environment variables - effectively making the zero impedance air gap manipulator a non-zero impedance air gap manipulator, which of course is not as dangerous.

that was a close one! :ahh:

I think I might have pics somewhere of the manipulator with the background distorted due to the residual graviton-muon Interaction… i’ll look for them…


We encounter that all the time at work. Dealing with video though, the energizing voltage is much lower, but the freguency is much higher. (That makes the high impedance frequency dependent.) Unfortunately, we often experience VVHI (very very high impedance) introduced by missing patch cables or lack of wire.