High Performance Motor Control w/ Brushless Motors

Even I can see that stuff like this is pretty exciting (:

Now we just need it and some legal brushless motors.

Cross The Road Electronics(CTRE), had a prototype CAN brushless motor controller they have designed and several brushless out-runners and in-runners on display at CMP.

I wish I had been able to go and see it myself. Sounds awesome!

Yep, it was called the cyclone, the prototype was a little larger than a talon but thinner. The demo actually had a CTRE magnetic encoder attached to it, and the cyclone was able to use it as a sensor for the motor to get true sensored brushless capability from standard hobby grade brushless motors.

Any specs on the motor?

I believe that the prototype brushless motor controller(Cyclone) that they had on display is able to be used with a variety of brushless motors. They were more displaying the motor controller rather than the motors. They had a really large brushless In-runner on display in pieces which was awesome to look at.