High Rollers China Outreach Video

Our crew on the High Rollers finally finished putting together a video capturing this summer’s trip to China. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AylohFMY5gE

It was an honor to work with fellow FRC teams 525, 694 and 1595 and we look forward to a return trip to help run another China Robotics Challenge event and workshop series next summer. We are also looking forward to hosting 4 teams from China in Las Vegas before and during LVR week 5. Let’s get this season rolling!

Very nice video!

It’s been quite a year - starting with the workshop we had in China last Christmas and all the time spent preparing for CRC. It’s exciting to see that 25 teams from China are registered for events this year.

We had a great time with you guys- hopefully we’ll see each other at Champs this year ;).

Have a great build season!

Quite a year indeed, Tom. FYI everybody, though 25 teams registered it is likely only about 16 will actually compete this FRC season. The rest will hopefully be at the CRC next summer.

Sounds like the teams in China are pretty excited about the new FRC season. The 16 CUYRA teams divided up the manual and translated it into Chinese then made it available to all teams - including the teams that are not affiliate with CUYRA.

They have a couple of different chat groups that are active. One group with has about 200 students and is generating something like 300 messages a day. Another group has about 30 mentors.

There will be 5 teams from China coming to visit us here in Cedar Falls on March 30th and 31st before caravaning with us up to Minneapolis for 10K Lakes and North Star.

Absolutly amazing to see all the effort you guys have putt into this. Actually taking the time and money to fly over to china to help out the new teams there and actually orginising a regional. Which Europe was embracing FIRST and FRC like this.
Well done guys!