High School Internship Opportunities?

Hello I’m a 17 year old high school student. Does anybody know about any internship opportunities available for teenagers my age? Preferably STEM related but I am flexible towards other opportunities.


What locations are you looking at?

A lot of times looking for personal/family connections to companies in your area is a good move - see if anyone you know knows someone who you might be interested in working for.

If you happen to be near a naval base, SEAP is a great program. I did it last summer and it has landed me a 4-year college internship at the same laboratory. Unfortunately you wouldn’t be able to apply until next fall, but I think it’s a great program to keep an eye on.


Hey Roberto!

First off, great look showing initiative by asking for help. Nothing in your life comes without asking for it.

Are you able to do an unpaid internship? I all because not everyone is able to afford an unpaid internship vs taking a paid summer job.

I’d absolutely recommend talking to your mentors and sponsors. This is how I got my summer internships in high school.

Feel free to PM me, I’d love to help you build a quick resume to highlight your skills and to also find local companies you can reach out to about an internship.

Please shoot me a message!


Will you be 18 by the time summer rolls around? As others mentioned in this thread, the best option is going to be friends/family connections. Due to that I was able to get an enginnering internship at Corning Incorporated the summer of my senior year, but I had just turned 18, most major engineering based companies that may first come to mind like Corning, GE, Lockheed, etc. are likely to have similar requirements and be difficult to intern at regardless of connections. In that case a small company more close to home that doesn’t have to follow big company policy is the better option. Please let me know if you have any other questions regarding high-school STEM internships.

We have high school interns at Southwest Airlines for students who are Sophomores and Juniors at the time of application (I believe). The application will open in March and is generally only open for a short period of time because of demand.

The cities we’ll hire in are: Chicago, Dallas, Denver, Houston, Atlanta, Phoenix, Baltimore, Orlando, Nashville, or St. Louis.

Most of the cities with STEM internships are the major aircraft maintenance bases. Dallas is our home and all of our technology, corporate innovation, and analytics teams are based here.


I can do anywhere in the US. As I currently live in the Dominican Republic, I would have to travel regardless.

Thanks will definitely keep an eye on it.

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You should talk to STRYKER. They are big with FIRST alumni/students. You do have to be 18 though. They are a medical engineering very similar to DEKA.

Sadly I will still be 17 this summer. I have worked at small companies close to home in previous summers and wanted the experience of working in the US as I would like to go there for college.

Thanks will definitely look into applying come March.

Are you a U.S. citizen? If not, getting proper work authorization can be a significant problem for your prospective employer.

Another option is to utilize the Gig economy, but that requires a certain amount of investment depending on what skills you are trying to market. Several of my classmates in college paid their way through while getting valuable business and engineering experience by having their own 3D printing companies. (It is a bit saturated of a market), but there are plenty of skills you have learned in FRC that you can market to people who have ideas, but no idea on how to execute them.


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Sounds like a great idea and it is something that I can probably do all year round. Do you have any examples of one of your classmates business, perhaps its social media account that I could check out?


Since he started getting actual engineering internships and jobs he hasn’t updated these in a while, but these are his storefronts.

Also take a look at fiverr or investigate other gig sites.

One of our mentors works at one of the participating facilities so I am definitely sharing this with my team. Can you tell me more about the internship though? Is it part time? Full time? Paid? Thanks!

While SEAP is great, you must be a US citizen (and ONLY a US citizen, meaning you have to renounce any dual citizenships) to participate. Given that you stated you’re living in the Dominican Republic, I figured I’d mention this.

SEAP is a paid 8-week internship program in which the participants work full-time in an applicable Navy facility. At the conclusion of the 8-week program, they will do a presentation on the project they worked on.

Feel free to stop me at any event I’m at this season to discuss further. 1712 has had SEAP participants in each of the past three summers and has had students accepted for summer 2020 as well.


For me, it was an 8 week summer internship working a standard 40-hour work week. First time interns get a $3500 stipend, returning interns get something closer to $4200 iirc