High Score

So far from the competitions, what has been the highest score for any alliance to achieve during a match?

Highest I know of is 175 by FVC 1114 and 3075 in Toronto

Ya, that was an insane match. However, 1114 is averaging around 100 or so, assuming they have the atlas ball.

The high score at NJ was 127 I believe.

In the Florida Regional FVC Tournament 2006, my team, 3228 scored the highest with a score in the 80’s.

In one of our matches, we should have had a score of 104, but the atlas ball was considered to be slightly more on the opponents side so we only got like a 52. And our alliance partner only scored 4 of our balls.

Team 1114 didn’t get the atlas ball all the time because their robot can pick up 6 ball at a time and they clean the floor of almost all the balls so with 6 x 3= 18 points and they get about 10 of picking up 6 balls they score all those points which was great how they did that. The only team who tried, at least I think to defend them was my team 1281 Mustang Robotics and we did a great job at it!

I think the high score was 112 at the L.A. competition. I wasn’t on that field, so I don’t remember very well.

Did they get the Atlas ball and what was the teams design??