High Scores for matches

I am trying to figure out what was the all-time high score of the season. I have to say, some of the highest scores were definitely put up at IRI. The highest score overall was put up during I believe a semi-final match: it was 168. Although that alliance did get 20 points in penalties. The other highest score was in one of our matches, we scored 162 points. I was just wondereing if at any of the other regionals anyone scored more.

What was the original score of 1114’s red card match at IRI?

Qualifications 53 2166 2361 1310 1114 2200 1006 58 168

That’s from thebluealliance from the waterloo regional where 1114(and partners) apparently got 168 points.

not sure if that’s the highest obviously, might of even missed a higher score from 1114.

While looking for the highest alliance score, what match had the highest TOTAL match score, combining the scores of the winning and losing alliances?

I know I saw a few in Atlanta where 100 points wasn’t enough to win.


In the elims at IRI there were 11 games with total score over 200, including 8 with both teams in triple digits. Plus 5 more matches in qualifying where both alliances scored over 100 points. You gotta get east to see this some time, Jason.

The semi finals at Buckeye between our alliance (1629, 191, and 2228) and 1024’s (with 1126, and I’m really sorry but I can’t remember the third pick atm) went into a 200 point total. The second match was 128 to 106, according to TBA. That was an intense match, especially for a regional.

I believe 1114’s redcard match at IRI was around 178 before penalties. That would have been awesome.

Yeah it was 178 pre penalties with 1114 getting hung up by the downed 1902 preventing them from getting around the corner for 1 more hurdle and 968 just missing placing a ball. They were literally 3 seconds from getting 200 points in a single match.

I think that if Exploding Bacon hadn’t been tipped over in that match, the score could definitely have gone above 200 for 1114’s alliance. 1114 and 968 seemed to be in the zone in that match, and 1529 was no slouch. The defense before 1902’s tipping wasn’t really able to stop those teams, and I think the score of 178 before penalties could have been higher without 1902 blocking most of the lane divider and keeping traffic to a single-file line.

I also really enjoyed the close match of Qualifications 7 between 330 and 1114. (228 total score)

Can I take the time to mention the large difference from the competition season where 20 points were a lot for hybrid to IRI where 44 points weren’t too uncommon (atleast for simbotics)…

That tends to happen every year at IRI. Last year, some regionals had 1 or 2 robots that could place a ring in autonomous. At IRI, they had a match where all 6 were successful.

If I recall correctly, during one match in the semi-finals at IRI, an alliance had 64 points in hybrid mode alone.

Just doing a quick look at the season, the highest score I could find was qualification match 53, where teams 2200, 1006, and 1114 combined to put up 168 points.