High Scoring Regional?

Well folks, the 08 season is almost two weeks in. So which regional is going to have the highest score? Any predictions?

I personally think that SVR will come up with the powerhouse score this year, but we’ll see!

I’m gonna go with the Florida Regional for the high score…:yikes:

I think SVR could do it, as could Florida, Detroit, Western Michigan, or Hawaii.

I’m going to go with “too early to predict”. Probably not a Week 1 or final week regional, though–during Week 1, we’re trying to figure out the game still, and by the final week, most teams will be as good as they can get and will have figured out how to play defense within the rules.

Maybe the week before the last one, but at this point it’s too early to predict.

Great Lakes Regional, New Jersey Regional, Midwest Regional, Greater Toronto Regional. Definitely will be big scorers as usual.

Might see some big scores out of Las Vegas and Florida.

I personally think that SVR will be as predictable as ever (poofs = win). Why do you think SVR will be so amazing? There hasn’t been a record score set there in the past.

Any event which: 67, 71, 111, 233, 330, 469, 1114, (and some others that Im forgetting) attend.

I beg to differ. Alliance 488, 852 and 766 beat 254’s alliance last year, and I apologize for not being able to remember the exact alliance. I do know that they were, and likely still are, excellent teams. Actually, last year, our driver posted something interesting and (viewed now) ironic.

We are still (and will be eternally) grateful to the Cheesy Poofs for picking us in 2006 (last team chosen=incredible stress). And Team 766 will be at SVR and Davis. As for highest scoring regional, I really don’t know. I’ll wait to see the results of the first few, then guess. Maybe.

Midwest. Beatty, Wildstang, and Simbotics should be able to do something amazing.

I.R.I… - at least as long as Copioli doesn’t make any silly changes to the rules after the season is over. :slight_smile:



I agree with Dave. With the level of competition garunteed to be at IRI the highest scores will no doubt be there (unless your counting Einstien).

On a side note when is FIRST going to give into the will of the people and just go ahead and name IRI a regional?:smiley:

the highest scorig regional will probably be a later smaller regioal. From my experience defense is not as hard during qualifications at smaller regionals. I think Waterloo will have a good chance at being a high scoring regional, even though it is missing some of high scoring bots of last year. But obviously IRI will have the best matches of the year again.

I normally would not pick an early regional, but the regional that should be very high scoring is Midwest. Any regional that has 16, 33, 71, 111, 503 and that one Canadian team that has won six of the last seven regionals they’ve attended, man i can never remember their number. After that I rank them like this:

2 West Michigan (33, 66, 71, 85, 107, 141, 234, 302, 70/494, 537, and 910 plus even more great teams)
3 Great Lakes (27, 33, 47, 65, 66, 67, 68, 217, 291, 461, 469, 70/494, 503, 910, and the Criminally Underrated 1718)
4 Florida (56, 69, 79, 103, 108, 179, 180, 233, 312, 342, 395, 1251, 1270, 1403, 1523, 1902)
5 Finger Lakes (65, 67, 68, 191, 229, 272, 316, 340, 365, 424, 1126, and 1503)

All of these regionals are loaded, but others like Hawaii and Toronto have some powerhouses as well, so maybe they both will be able to have some large scores as well.

Personally, with what several teams that I know to be attending are cooking up, I think we’re going to see a west coast powerhouse this year. Should be interesting to watch.

My money is on Great Lakes. It’s always a fiercely competitive regional, and with it now being Week 5, most teams there will be competing for at least the second time. I expect we’ll see some great scores there…

In 2005 the highest regional match score took place at GTR, when Teams 1114, 1305 and 1511 scored 128 in a quarter-final match. This score was later topped by 67, 330 and 503 at the Championship.

In 2006 the highest regional match score took place at GTR, when Teams 1503, 703 and 178 scored 158 points in a qualifying match. This score was later topped by 79, 469 and 222 at the Championship.

In 2007 the highest regional match score took place at GTR, when Teams 1114, 188 and 1680 scored 338 points in a qualifying match.

So, history tells us that GTR is a very strong possibility to have the highest score of the regional season. Part of the reason for this is the strong field of teams along with the fact that it’s a week 5 regional. Since 2004 (I haven’t compiled data prior to this) average match scores have always trended upwards towards the end of the season. As teams play the game more, they get better at scoring. This is pretty intuitive.

So, despite having very strong fields, I’m going to rule out Midwest (e.g. 33, 71, 111, 503) and Finger Lakes (e.g. 65, 67, 68, 1126, 1503).

Looking at the later regionals, I see three potential favourites.

GLR - For the past few years, GLR has been a week 2 event, and as such hasn’t put up some of the high scores that would be expected of a regional with such typically strong teams. With the event being moved to week 5 this year, I expect that to change.
GTR - As discussed above.
Hawaii - I’m shocked that no one has mentioned this regional. Four of the most dominant teams in FIRST, 25, 233, 254 and 968 are attending this regional. This regional is my prediction for the highest score.

Team 368 is one of the few “west coast” teams that made a keeper last year. Don’t count them out of high-scoring matches.

I mentioned Hawaii in the third post in the thread :stuck_out_tongue: However, I forgot about GTR. GTR has to be mentioned in any such discussion. If it’s a week five regional, and I see a good chance it will be, it will probably be either GTR or Hawaii.

I’m as big a fan of the West Coast as anyone out there, but let’s not kid ourselves. We (as a whole) cannot even come close to stacking up with the Midwest states.

I expect SVR to be better than usual, as it seems the teams out here definitely improved last year, but I doubt anyone will look at the event at the end of the year and have it anywhere higher than top 10 in terms of competitiveness.

I think that the Wisconsin regional could have one of the top scores this year. Even though we dont have any of the “national powerhouses” we do have our own teams that seem to do their best at milwaukee like 93, 269, 537, 1625, 1714, 1732, 1736 who was the top seed in curie last year, and 1816 who was a major bruiser robot last year. The top score may even come from other teams. There are around 60 teams signed up, and about 30 of them have team numbers over 2000. I know rookies can suprise us, but they just dont have the experience with previous competitions. I could be completely wrong, but I think that this will be a very competive tournament, and one to watch.

As long as our robot scores over 0 point I am happy!