High Tetris Scores

What’s the best you’ve ever done in Tetris? Any version.

I can clear the 40-line game in Tetris DX, level 9, height five (makes the playfield 10 blocks wide and 8 high…extremely difficult on any speed level) in 2 minutes and 5 seconds. I am working on beating that.

Undisputed Tetris King of Philadelphia

Umm… this isn’t my high score, since I don’t keep track, but my mom’s high score is 87k (that’s thousands) starting on level four, building up to level ten, on the original tetris for gameboy! And I’ve beaten her score. (Not that that’s very hard… gameboy tetris is easy…)

as for me, I got a rank 8 on classic tetris in tetris worlds for gcn (that’s going up from 1, dingbat, and that’s hard)

P.S. I’m disappointed that they stopped keeping score in the new tetris games and instead kept track of lines cleared… it really defeats the purpose of clearing more than one line at once… :]

Whoa, where is this gcn?

GCN: GameCube (by Nintendo)
It’s the suiteness. Yayy for RF controllers!!! Wavebird rocks!

I thought you would never ask!

On the original Nintendo tetris my high score is about 120,000

On the TI-83+ version of tetris, my high score is about 13,000

I ended up getting up to about level 20 on both of them.

Okay, maybe I am the Undisputed Tetris King, period. Hee hee, j/k. I played the ORIGINAL tetris last night for a while…starting at level 9…186 lines…wound up at level 18…Total score…over 190,000. :smiley: It’s basically a game of staying one step ahead of the computer. Once you hit level 15, if your playfield isn’t CLEAR except the few blocks you have at the bottom, you’re quite possibly screwed.
My mom used to actually put me on punishment because I’d kick her arse sooooooooo bad in Tetris/Dr. Mario (You remember that game? You could SMASH your opponent if you cleared four lines in one shot).

I can r0x0r tetris to about level 22, then my fingers start twitching uncontrollably.

Wow, i can’t believe i actually beat all of you. I’m sure someone out there has done better than this, but here’s my pride and accomplishment. Remember on gameboy tetris after you got 100k you see the rocket blast off? How many of you know that after 150k it’s a different rocket ship? And after 200, a different one? And yes, amazingly, once upon a time i achieved over 250,000. I’m pretty sure that the 250 was the same rocket as 200,000, but i only got 250 once so i dont really remember. 250,000…beat that.

I just checked my high score table. 255,851 starting at level 9. I think I only made it to level 14, though. I’ll see if I can do better.
By the way, the rocket is different at 250K. The one at 200K is a bust…it falls back to the launchpad. The rocket from 250K Takes off and makes it all the way up.

…and does it again, easily…level 16…167 lines…273,436 points.
watches the rocket take off