High Traction Robot Wheels

Does anyone have a drawing of the ifi high traction robot wheels. heres a link to what they look like http://www.ifirobotics.com/robot-traction-wheels.shtml

IFI has a STP solid model of each wheel under the “wheel specifications section” in the “Downloads” column of that page. Any version of Inventor or SolidWorks (and others) should be able to open it just fine.

hmmm, acutally you can scroll down and download the STEP files for the model you want (depending on diameter and width). The model is compatible with Inventor, Solidworks, and AutoCAD.

Edit: Oh dang, I was beat to the punch.

Thanks I didnt notice that before

hmmm it seems my autocad doesnt read step files is that correct?

Autocad won’t read them. You’ll need to load them up in Inventor or another 3-D CAD program. You can then export the projected view to .dwg or .dxf for Autocad. Autocad/Mechanical Desktop 2007 seems to have an .sat (ACIS) import function, but I’ve never used it, so I don’t know how it deals with 3-D.

My bad, I swore CAD could read STP’s.

Its ok guys im gonna try to get my hands on a copy of inventor tonight

If you are a college student in Mechanical Engineering, Civil Engineering, or Architecture you can get Inventor and a bunch of other cool software for free at http://students.autodesk.com

autoCAD can indeed read STEP and IGES files, but you can’t open them directly, you have to import. (You can export them too). under the “Insert” menu there should be the option to insert either STEP or IGES

yeah i figured that out thanks though :smiley: