Highest Autonomous Score?

I’m just wondering if we could keep track of the highest score after autonomous by an alliance you’ve seen. Personally, we saw a 56 point autonomous at Traverse City this weekend by 1918, 2474, and 4835. Has anyone seen anything higher?

Why don’t we do what was suggested in the ‘High Score’ thread, and wait until the end of each regional/district to say what the highest autonomous score was, so this thread doesn’t get longer than it needs to be?

Traverse City is done, and that was the highest all tournament.

Kettering Elimination match 1-1 shows 66 for 862, 910, and 70.

I believe that 68 pts was posted in auton by 11,245,2187 at palmetto

I saw that match, it was awesome.

The third match before the last one neither blue nor red missed a single frisbee in autonomous, and every robot was shooting.

I might sound ignorant here, but how does a 3 robot alliance get more than 54 points in AUTO? 3discs x 3robots x 3pt x 2Xmultiplier = 54
Are they picking up discs after shooting their max 3???

Yes, foor pickups.

Kudos to the field teams for placing discs in the proper locations for those matches!

Since I noticed the live scoring could be grossly inaccurate this weekend, you should make sure you’re counting the frisbees before posting.

Discs aren’t placed by teams, the discs are already positioned on the field in known positions. As well, there is a potential bank of discs center field populated by discs not preloaded.

I meant the FRC volunteers that work the field.