Highest combined game piece total

In Milstein M9, each alliance scored thirty pieces. Full grid plus three supercharged nodes, on each end.

Have there been any matches with higher combined piece counts?

30 and 35 for a combined 65

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Full grid plus 4 supercharged nodes on each end.

Oy veh! To put up a perfect 193 + four supercharged nodes, AND lose the match!


Agreed!! Hopeful 1678 and team can come back for the win!

They’ve done that before. Remember Hueneme Port.

edit: Citrus hasn’t taken the easy route much this season.* Galileo Finals going to three.

*Unless they were with 254.

Nail biter! Torn here as 3005 is a local fellow Texan.

Finals 1 and 2 on Johnson both had 63 elements total. We kinda blew up in finals 3, but the first two were fantastic, some of the best matches we’ve ever played.

Goodluck and congrats to 2075, 973, 9312, and 4607!


That match was lost by a 5-point penalty. Wow.

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