Highest disc score

What is the highest score anyone has seen at any competition without climbing or fouls? That is to say, the highest number of disc points scored.

At Troy this weekend, teams 3539, 67, and 4810 put up 189 disc points in quarterfinal 1 match 2.

Has anyone seen a higher disc score?


I believe Waterloo Quarter-Final 1 Match 2 might rival it.

the disk points on that one were 203 I believe

Anyone wanna share some match video?

  • Sunny G.


I wonder what the record is for matchs that do not have any full court shooters. We had one at West Michigan that was 150 disc points made with no FCS robots.

Qualification match number 39 at crossroads regional has the highest disc score i know of.

Final match score: 249 - 62

Broken down, the 249 was 229 disc points and 20 climb points

That score was initially reported in error. Actual score was 141 to 35.

Oh good it wasnt that terrifying then… :smiley:
Thanks for the update

At Smoky Mountain semis 1 match 2, the Red alliance scored 162 disk points without a full court shooter

Team 20, along with team 195 and team 95, put up 179 points at the Connecticut regional during finals.

I’m certain there are many higher disc scores out there, but the highest for us was in the semi-finals of the Smoky Mountain Regional, when teams 4576, 4265 and 3824 scored 162 disc points. (182 points total, no fouls)

Match footage:

Highest I’ve seen was 207 points put up in the finals at Inland Empire.


Didn’t see that it was only for disc points; I’m not sure what the disc total was for this match.

Sean, they’re talking about DISC points, not total points. We put up 179 TOTAL points including climbs, and fouls, as well as disc points. We probably put up like 120 disc points, but I’m not sure.
Not quite as impressive, but still.