Highest Intentional Self-Score?

Once you understand the Rankings a bit more, you realize the ideal match is to win something like 10-9. With that, we had a 9-0 lead, then turned and fired on ourselves 4 times (freaked the refs out, as they’re focused on penalties, not scoring).

So, can anyone beat 4 self-scores yet? “Coopertitionals?”

Today in our last match, us, 188, and 1450 attempted to do a 6v0 match with the other alliance- we hoped that we could rack up about 15-20 points for one alliance and give both teams the seeding points from it. However, robots malfunctioned and another one didn’t really stick to the plan, so the score ended up being them 5(penaltied to 3) and us 0.

I don’t know if this “scoring for your opponent” is what they expected out of this new scoring system, and coopertition™ stuff, but it sure is a pain to keep track of…

we had a 7-0 match today, and we forgot to score for the other alliance…
when we remembered, it was too late

I really dislike doing that anyways, I don’t think it is a fair way to play the game, I know it is all strategy, but honestly, I am out there to have fun, not to try and do strategic scoring for our opposing alliance :expressionless:

A team at FLR got 10v0 one a match with intentional scoring…

We had 8 to 3. We scored for a while before getting two long shots in to make it 3 for the opposing alliance.

Don’t quote me on this, but from what I heard from my team Match 69 of Kettering resulted in a 6v0 self score of 12.

This is definitely a strange strategy to some teams, as when we suggested it many would not play along.

I quoted you. The match ended up 15-0, we lost, but the winners got a penalty so we ended up with more points.

I was so upset that I missed that match! I was unfortunately in the pits strategizing, and by the time I came back to the stands I just missed the score.

That was definitely a ton of points for one match!

In match 63 at FLR team 229,250,1511,3173, 3181 and 191 agreed to cooperate in a 6v0 match.

The final score was 11-0.