Highest Losing Score

With all this talk of the Highest Score in the Nation, I’d like to ask what the highest LOSING score in the nation has been. There’s something to crushing a team 130 to 10, but that doesn’t do much for qualifying points. (Yes, I understand the eliminations are different) I’m looking for a final score, after penalties, no cheating on this one. So, let’s hear them!

At UTC, our #4 alliance of 195, 228, and 236 just came up short against an excellent #1 seeded alliance of 20, 173 and 230. Final score, 54-51. I haven’t dug through the video to figure out how we got the scores, but I do remember that every goal had at least two tetras on top.

Your turn!

Team 228

My team had a win that was 43-42 at Detroit…but 42<51 :smiley:

At the boilermaker, my alliance beat a team 0 to 114 points in the first Q. match.

He’s actually looking for the HIGHEST losing score. 0 would be the LOWEST possible losing score.

o yea 61-63 (we had 63)

Wow that’s really something :ahh:

we had a match that was 52-51 in the second match in the elimination rounds at the midwest regional. i was told that was the highest losing score yet.


I am amazed at that score. Do you have any more info, as to who the teams were, qualifying match number, etc…? I looked up your results from the Pacific NW and didn’t seem to find any supporting info.

Krunch, that was one great match at the Midwest regional, and one great elimination round. It’s too bad that wasn’t the finals round. Do you have any more details as well, ie. total tetras, who had the rows, etc…?

Thanks all, keep 'em coming!

Team 228

We had a 41 to 42 match, sadly we were the 41 :frowning:

58-70 at palmetto… I know it’s not 61 but close… and I’ll give info if you’d like :slight_smile: