Highest Point On Your Robot When Hanging

We all know those who hang are reaching 12 feet into the air, but what is the highest point on your robot when you are hanging?
For us it is rather scary, when we are at the top of the bar we reach 22ft into the air!! How high do your robots go.

at first we were 3 or 4 feet above the bar, but with a couple minutes and a sawzall we are about 2" above it.

Do you have anyway of maneuvering yourself on the bar, IE swinging or a wheel that moves you from side to side.

isnt it 10 feet from the platform?

nope lol its pretty simple. there are 2 aluminum hooks that stick up past the top of our lift. we hook on and power the van door motor. where ever we are we are. i guess we could use our ball flippers to shift the center of gravity, causing us to swing, i hadnt thought about it. what would the benifit be?

I’m not sure, it could be 12, because when our robot is fulling hanging a 5 foot 9 inch person can walk under it. Are robot is all most 5 feet tall when starting, and when it hangs from the bar, our (arm) sticks up to 22 feet in the air above the ground.:wink:

We can stick up by as much as 3 feet above the bar when hanging.

the bar is defently 10 feet off the ground, and 9 feet off the platform why would you be reaching 12 feet in the air. 22ft is rediculus what purpose could that possable serve???

We stick up above the bar as we are hanging by only 1.5" at the most I believe.

You may want to rethink that 22’ mark… Certain fields in certain arena’s may not be able to accomodate that reach.
Just a thought…

could you post a pic i want to see a robot with a 22’ arm thats not tipping over

maybe you ment 22 inches???

I think he meant a total of 22 ft in the air. Even that doesnt make too much sense, you could have a 12 foot arm and winch yourself all the way to the top, but why winch so high and why have such a long arm? Also, why is everyone at least 12 feet in the air who hangs? If you have a hook you could just be the width of the hook (<1" for us) above the bar.

Probably the reason for 3-4 feet above the bar is so that your robot can reach the bar either from the 6" platform or from the ground.

yeah, but getting a full twelve feet above the bar? seems like overkill and an excuse to have your robot tip over and/or fall.

Just 22 feet?? Pshhaw, we can get FIFTY-two :wink:

Believe me, once we are hanging that extension of the bar helps a lot for another purpose, wink double;) :ahh: :yikes:

picture please

Are you the team with the pictures up somewhere of decapping the stationary goals while hanging?

nope. we are not. i am on the same team as spikey. beleive me, we can do much more usefull things while hanging than just uncap the goal. wink wink. and yes, our arms to go to 22 feet off the ground. think for a while and you’ll get it

Maybe block the sides or something and not allow any traffic?

Tip sideways on the bar near enough to the refs and scoring table to scare them while in the meantime you pull off your evil plan. Me knoweth your evil plans but I dareth not to repeateth them. Half of 24 is 12. If you tip sideways you could go 10 feet out of the arena. That doesn’t seem safe to me. So be careful, and make sure you are supported well while in the air. Go in hides in corner where their arm can’t get me.