Highest rookie seed

just started this to see how all the rookies did in rankings

just post whatever rank u were at the end of seeding matches and whatever else u want to

glad you got it; you deserved it man

13th seed at UTC (highest rookie seed)

5th place at Annapolis MD. :slight_smile:

I think 1649 (the middle school team) at UCF was the third seed.

Team 1640 - Chesapeake Regional
23/55 (3/11 rookie)

YES, awesome job you guys we made it all the way to the semi finals. Soo close but yet soo far. Keep up the good work and one day you will be champions.

1701 (u of d team) was ranked 3rd at detroit

At the Detroit regional, team 1701 was 3rd seed. They did an awesome job and get all the way to the semi-finals.

Team 1610 (Franklin High School) was seeded 7th of 62 teams at VCU. They led the 5th seeded alliance including 616 and 510 into the semi-finals.

Note: For those of you that don’t like the penalties, 1610 (remember - rookie team) went all the way through the regional without a penalty. (616 also went without penalties, as did 510 until the final match.)


Kyle…we were 2nd on friday. They kept moving us around on
saturday. First we were 6th,then 7th,then 5th.

Keep an eye out for 1648. I think they won their regional.

Yeah - 1610 was 2nd at the end of Friday. After the first few matches were played Saturday morning you dropped to I think 5th. After we beat you, you dropped to 7th and stayed there. Because of the way alliance selections worked, you ended up leading the 5th seeded alliance.

Great Lakes regional:we finished 12th overall, and were a 8th ‘Picker’, got to semi finals then lost

**during competition we had 3 rounds with a broken boom (we were going up every like 20 minutes. .and to take the boom apart to fix a broken wire takes 1hour, we have thicker wire in there now and we dont alternate drivers anymore we stay with first set … o well still was a blast! hope to see you guys in toronto or atlanta :stuck_out_tongue:

rookie of the year and highest rookie seed, i think we got only 1 penalty, boom swung down after capping corner tetra and hit the auto loader tetra off . .

we finished 5th after qualifying and 4th overall (highest rookie seed)

We were seeded 3rd going into finals and ended up winning
we got the xerox creativity award highest rookie seed rookie all-star and
st. louis champions
see you at nats!! :cool:

I believe that 1511 was 4th or 5th at the Buckeye regional

GO 1403!!!

1558 was I believe ranked 7th at Waterloo. They captained the 4th alliance I believe. Not bad for a team with only a frame at the end of week 5.

it was 7th, we were 4th n 67 was 5th then 174 was 6th and 1511 was 7th, better then FLR and i bet they will only get better, we will just have to see at Toronto and nats!

Team 1646, the Boiler Precision Guessworks, finished 8th at the Midwest Regional and ended up being the 6 seed alliance captain.

there was an entire rookie alliance in the QF at Denver… i believe they were the 3rd seeded but i’m not exactly sure. i didnt even notice until one of the announcers pointed it out, then i cheered for them the whole time because that is an amazing accomplishment and they all should be proud. i dont remember which teams made up the alliance though… sorry guys :frowning: