Highest Score 2011

I guess its about time to get this thread started for the 2011 season. Whats the highest score you’ve seen so far?

Highest Alliance Score: New Jersey Match 6: 80 points by 1089, 2016, 2729

Highest Total Score: Granite State Match 11: 115 points - Red 49, Blue 66

Highest Alliance Score: Finger Lakes Q3: 84 points by 191,156,2056

Highest combined score: GSR Match 4, total of 124 (47-77).

We’re less than three hours into the season. No, I don’t think it’s about time for this thread.

Highest Alliance Score: Alamo Regional Q-11 148 3778 2936 - 94 :: 922 3035 2880 - 2

I’m sorry you feel that way, but there are plenty of scouts looking for this information. If it wasn’t time for this thread yet, no one else would have posted score updates…

Not an official match, but FLR Practice match 5 was 112-5
(217,211,2056 over 3799, 843, 2228)

Some people are just a bit eager to “contribute.” Information is worthless without context. We don’t have that context yet. The information being outputted now is just going to make this thread messy and harder to distinguish the useful information.

^ agree ^

If I’m not in a week 1 regional, and all I have is the data from FRC-Spy (for example) then I think I’d rather pick a category of analysis that would better benefit me than “who has the high score”. For example, I might watch the NJ Regional scores of the 4 (5?) teams that are coming to the DC regional. Or I might watch to see teams who have good minibots and how they use them (so far 148 hasn’t had a climb yet, 1:14PM). Another interesting note is that (from glancing over) about half of the matches have several penalties in them.

“High Score” allows for bragging rights, but that’s about it.

Though I do admit, it feels really nice when the high score for a regional belongs to an alliance you were part of :cool:

And I’m watching NJ for the teams that will be attending VA. I have a full page of notes on the teams I’m specifically looking for, but that doesn’t mean I’m not paying attention to other teams.

Sean is right in saying that a score as a number means nothing if we don’t know how those points were scored. Were 1 or 2 minibots deployed, and what places did they finish in the race? How many complete logos were scored? :confused:

I’ve been through a Week 1 regional where my team’s alliance held the highest score on the very first day of competition. It was an excellent feeling.

And Jesse, 148 just played again. 54 points (60 - 6 penalty points), still no minibot.

My contribution: I like knowing “what is a ‘high score’ in Logomotion?”, and knowing the real-world maximum value is a first step towards knowing how high the scores can go. Obviously it’d be better to have a full histogram of scores, but that won’t be forthcoming for a little while.

Don’t know why anyone is getting worked up over the existence of this thread. It’s several times more useful than the “post the next number” thread or any of the other “for fun”-type threads. It isn’t strictly useful, but it is entertaining.

Highest alliance score: FLR Q20: 3181,3015 and 1126 scored 97.

If people are serious about scouting, they’ll be looking at all of the match results. I don’t believe they’d find anything particularly useful in the scattered and cherry-picked information posted here.

If it wasn’t time for this thread yet, no one else would have posted score updates…

FIRST is posting score updates. http://www2.usfirst.org/2011comp/events/ROC/matchresults.html, for example.

3 minibots went up in that match. Looks good.

The problem with starting the thread too soon is that you’ll inevitably miss data because it’s updating so quickly.
GSR Q14: Score: 100 - 131, 836, 1831 (3 minibots went up as well)

GSR - Match#14 Red(131, 836, 1831) - 100 to Blue(885, 61, 562) - 26

Ditto that. If you’re not interested, you don’t have to read the thread.


Don’t quote me on this, but I believe I just saw a 122-48 match in FLR. I was in shock.

122 (340, 217, 1126) to 19 (1405, 1153, 1559) in match 47.

Looking forward to tomorrow’s FLR match 67

217 + 3015 + 2056 vs 1126 + 174 + 1518

Yepp! That was such a fun match!

This is gonna be a great match for both alliances!

I feel bad for the Sparx.
They have a great robot and are doing a great job this weekend but overcoming two great robots and a pretty good robot is asking an awful lot of them.