Highest Scores So Far

Today at the Northern Virginia Chesapeake District a final score was 633-255 (yes, there were penalties).
Have there been any higher scores than this?


A better question to ask is what is the highest scores without penalties (unless if it’s relatively low penalties)

565 was the best I saw and don’t think it had many penalties. I don’t have a picture of the score board so will have to wait for TBA to post the breakdown.

495 in Quarterfinal 1 Match 2 at Great Northern by first seed alliance with only 10 penalty points.


Can we do high score with and with out penalties?

Just watched the PNW Clackamas District Q Match 58 repeatedly and confirmed what I said in other threads repeatedly and knew from week 1…High scoring games will not be the best played games as far as strategy is concerned. NOTICED: Both switches immediately owned from first second of auto to the end of the game. No robot on either end even attempted to interrupt the (either switch), ownership the entire balance of the match.

Just appears that…All 6 Drive coaches were not watching the live scoring is all I can say. Led to uninterrupted ownership (leading to higher scores), the entire match as neither side even tried to stop the runaway switch points scoring on both ends. If those switches on live scoring are filled in with color, they should be next targetted mission no matter what your robot task is, as prior game strategy assigned.

A well played match by 2 evenly powerful and best matched alliances, properly playing both best gameplay strategy, will not be the higher scoring matches IMHO, but lowest scoring matches overall. Taking away ownership or rebalancing the scale and switch plates will stop active scoring, leading to lower scores not higher scores.

Not taking anything away from the 2 alliances involved here, as this is only the high scoring example that was presented with lower foul penalties assessed, but it wasn’t a good representation of a really well played match, even if it was a highest scoring match. OPR stood on it’s head perhaps this year?

It worked for them, but it will not work at Champs in my opinion. We shall see. But, I forsee a lot of lower scoring games in the Championships, not higher scoring as teams and better suited alliances get matched up together and get game strategy worked out together.

Correction: This was the match with all the high Blue penalties assigned, but the rest still stands in my opinion. Would like to know who banned the highest scoring playoff video though via youtube. Not having a good morning here it appears, the blocked video was Q41 as the playoffs did not happen yet…SME blocked it?

Now, after a lot of discussion here on my end, and picking apart a whole bunch of matches …I’m wondering who will start the thread “Lowest Scoring extremely well battled matches week 1”? LOL

Going by the premise that as season progresses to those all important last matches of the season, the scores will be lower not higher (More plate ownership interruption, fewer penalties assessed). Fewer points actually scored. Exceot endgame of course as those will progress higher though limited in scope.

In semifinal match 3 at Central New York, our alliance got 746 points (350 foul points). The other alliance bot was playing defense, and got hung up on the scale and couldn’t move. Kept racking up fouls for most of the match.

In PNW Mount Vernon Qual match 41 there was a score of 510 no fouls. Blue got control of the switch and scale in auto, then didon’t give it up the rest of the match, then got a triple climb with a filled vault. From my understanding this is one of the highest clean matches that I have hurd of.

Therein is the real issue with this particular game. There is no real theoretical max points that can be scored as a final result that can be derived, since all foul points are included and increase the high and combined scores. The sky is the limit. Some true really high scores will be the most poorly played of matches, at least for one side. Worst case scenario both sides.

Just have 1 robot during auto get stuck extended under their own scale plate and either die or get disabled there (accidentally or because it could be causing damage to the scale, and needs to be intentionally disabled to save the scale from further damage), for the balance of a match and watch those points rack up higher and higher every second till the buzzer. Add the foul points to the points that also gives the opposing alliance in full time scale ownership, and wow, you just made the other alliance teams look like a huge powerhouse.

Some are going to wish the scale had a fence around it like the switch before season end, I do believe.

There are huge rewards for scaling in auto, and really big risks come with those rewards. Then add watching Final 3 of Montreal today, look at the last 30 seconds in slow motion, driving and climbing near scale plates carries huge risks also.

Scale changes ownership twice, both sides committed major fouls, 1 driving 1 climbing.

My prediction will remain the most evenly best matched alliances who battle hard, succeed with the fewest fouls committed, switch ownership most often of all 3 field elements, will NOT be really high scoring matches…And those will be the most exciting! (No, you cannot gain ownership of the opposing alliance switch, but you can deny ownership, not much of that seen so far!)

Any pictures/video?

TBA says its 510 with 30 in fouls.

DNM with massive fouls

TBA still says that it is the highest scoring qual match, not counting penalties: 2018 Insights - The Blue Alliance

However, as you can see from this video, our alliance still benefited from actions of the other alliance. Two Red Alliance robots touched 2605’s ramps and 2910’s robot while we were trying to get those endgame points, so our alliance got 2 extra climbs. Without those extra climbs, the 480-point “penalty-less high score” would not have happened.

Same thing happened at NE District Southeast Mass. in our qualifying match Q19. An opposing alliance team fell on the scale at the beginning of the match and was stuck there for the entire match. Final score 790-151. 425 points in penalties and since they were holding our side of the scale down, 230 ownership points were awarded.

link to New York match: Semi-final 1-2: (score: 746)

Hello, I’m a mentor for the team that team that fell down on the scale at SE Mass, we have team of almost all rookies and our driver panicked and hit the E-Stop after he fell on the scale, while the kids didn’t take it very well me and my fellow mentors honestestly just couldn’t stop laughing when we saw the final score.

You know when you just fail so spectacularly that you can’t help but laugh?

Hope they post the match video soon for people to enjoy

As a driver, I feel for your driver so much. We had an arm motor failure right as I was spinning the robot around. It caused the arm to go down to the perfect height to knock over a ref stand and almost hit the ref. I felt so bad, sadly there is posted video of it but I won’t link it haha.

*Highest Alliance scores as of 3/18/18](https://www.chiefdelphi.com/media/papers/download/5372)