Highest Scoring Match of Champs

Qtr Final 4-2 on Newton: 122-131! An incredible scorefest by both alliances!

I thought I saw 147 in one match.

I think this was the highest combined score…

The highest i saw was finals on Einstein, finals 1, 147 to 79

Yes. They did post 147 pts. An asterisk “*” might be appropriate, however, since the 2016 alliance from Archimedes only had two functioning robots (ie. no defense).

Just to clarify: highest Match Score; not alliance score.:slight_smile:

I watched this match on the feed in the Newton Elims and it was simply amazing!

1730, 2122, 11 131

148, 234, 2481 122

Congrats to both alliances for the highest scoring match in the ENTIRE FRC SEASON!!

As the field coach for Team Driven this year at the Championships, I will say this match was intense and exciting beyond belief!

Congrats to our alliance partners Team Tators and Mort as well as our amazing opponents. The powerhouse alliance of the Robowranglers, Cyber Blue and the Roboteers was a force we were thrilled to compete against.

Congrats also to our Semi-Final opponents, the Newton Division Champions 217, 1503 and 25 on their incredible run to Einstein.

Team Driven is looking forward to seeing many of these teams on the Logo Motion field again this summer at IRI, should we receive an invite!