Highest Scoring Robot?

Hey, does anyone know who the highest scoring robot in the world is? Does FIRST keep records on that kind of stuff? If so, where can I find it? I know of one team in my area (SE Pennsylvania), who is very good and today the emcee said that they were the highest ranked robot in the world. I couldn’t tell if he was joking or not. Anyway, any ideas would be appreciated.

Actually, there was a 103 scored by 1640, 1218, and 341 at Hatboro-Horsham.

Also teams 67, 469, and 2851, scored 103 at the Waterford District Event.

Highest scoring robot can be a tricky thing to figure out.

Do you mean:

–Robot that scores the most points?
–Alliance with the highest score?
–Robot with the highest OPR?

FIRST doesn’t keep records like that. You have to go look at the match results pages and figure out from there. Also note that the match results show alliance, not individual team.

Sounds like Miss Daiy (341, based out of Ambler, PA), which as of week 1 was ranked 1st in OPR (offensive power rating; search CD for threads discussing how this is calculated) internationally.

FIRST keeps no such records; see Eric’s post above for more details.

Do you mean largest score this year, or the largest score in all of FIRST?

In response to everyone’s questions, I meant the single robot that has scored the most points this year. However, if FIRST doesn’t keep records of that, I guess I could rephrase and ask about the best offensive bots.

You’re volunteering to track which robot scored which points, for every robot? FIRST doesn’t even try it. Fantasy FIRST doesn’t even think about it–they just go with W-L-T, standings, results, and awards.

Best offensive robot is easier. That’s what OPR is for. FIRST doesn’t keep records of that either, but some people here on CD like to track it.

No, I didn’t volunteer to keep track of what robot has scored the most points. I agree, that would be insane. What I was talking about was the highest OPR.

The search function might help you with that. See this thread in particular.