Highest Seeding Scores/ Hanging and Co-op Points?

I was just wondering what were some of the highest seeding scores, hanging points, and co-op points districts have been seeing.

The highest seeding point for a Michigan District/Other bag and tag events is:
1718-273 seeding points, with 106 Co-op points

*Note, must other regionals will be much lower since all michigan events play 12 matches. Most other regionals play 10 or less.

What are other regionals averaging?

Well if they played 121 matches, thats only 273/121 = 2.25 seeding pts per match, and not very good :wink:

Note their actual 273/12 =22.75 is amazing and may be the highest average, I haven’t checked

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Thats the highest that i have seen even with averaging out the number of matches.

Well Teams 201, 67, and 815 scored ourselves 47 seeding points in Match 48 of Detroit. The match was 16-13 and we have calculated it to be the most seeding points per match in the nation, and highest non-elimination score.

Team 1718 received 28 hanging points at West Michigan this weekend!

Team 1718 also holds the record for CP with 106!