Highschool internship?

So I’m a highschool senior. I’m done with college apps and have gotten into several good engineering colleges. Senioritis is kicking in and I really am just forward to what comes next. But I really want to get some real world experience so I better know what I’m getting into before going off to college. Anyone have any advice on how possible it would be to find an internship (paid or unpaid) for a highschooler? (in Dallas Texas if that helps at all)

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Email your team and local competition’s sponsors.

Ask yourself “why do they sponsor STEAM education?” One big reason is to attract the next generation of top STEAM talent to work there. Many companies would love to train and work with you as an intern with the hope that you’ll return down the road.


Another good option is to look at what your college has to offer for on-campus work. I started working at UMaine’s Advanced Manufacturing Center over the summer before I started classes, and it gave me a lot of connections that led to other internships.

Good luck on your hunt!

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A lot of our sponsors are looking for interns. Maybe hit your sponsors up first?

Good advice for most. We don’t actually have any non-grant corporate sponsors though (we are weird in that most of our budget comes from private donations).

@marcusbernstein 's advice of contacting local sponsors is probably better in my situation, if my current lead doesn’t pan out (fingers crossed).

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Work with your HS counseling office. They may have some resources with local companies.

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Email professors at the local university to see if they have any need of unpaid labor

Assuming you’re aiming for something STEM-related rather than non-profits (which do intersect a bit, but it’s a small fraction) you want to steer clear from anything unpaid. An unpaid CNC button-pusher is really just a labor violation.


Seconded. Technical internships worth anything will pay you.


You said you were done with college apps, if you haven’t already I’d suggest looking into Kettering University, they’re an engineering school out of Michigan, big with first, they’re also a co-op school so you get real world experience as a part of your education there.

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