What is hight tecnicaly defined as?

Robots hight off the ground or hight relative to the bottom of the robot?

From the floor to the uppermost part of the robot


Well, the wheels are the bottom of the robot and they’re going to be in contact with the floor unless you flip, so it’s the same thing either way.

No, not the same thing, i was wondering for the last 20 second period.

Sorry, I had to, it was bothering me

Oh, well in that case (and I guess as it is throughout the entire game), height refers to the height of the bottom of the wheels to the uppermost part of whatever arm or manipulator.

After looking through the rules I really think that ought to be defined a bit more specifically, I can see where you had trouble with that.

Thats ok i am not the best at that.

While it doesn’t specifically say it includes the wheels, <R10> gives the answer. It defines the maximum robot volumes during each period of the game, and includes a specific list of items on your robot that are excluded from the dimensions: the Battery, the Bumpers, and the Operator Console. Since the wheels are not included in the exclusion list, you can assume they, and everything else on your robot that is not on that list are included.