Hilarious Video: Vex Goes to The Mall...

Alright, last night our team was at our local mall with our FRC and Vex robots for their Westfield Works Wonder’s night, when a “brilliant” idea struck us. Let’s drive the Vex robot around the mall, and film it along the way. So off we went and filmed this funny video - Vex Goes to The Mall. :smiley:

15 Mb - Windows Media Video - http://www.team228.org/index/multimedia/vex-goes-to-the-mall.wmv

Another FIRST classic! I was especially fond of when Vex was relaxing in the chair and the whole radioshack segment, but the elevator part was funny too. :stuck_out_tongue: Absolutely awesome video.

FIRST kids never cease to amaze me.

I wonder if Radio Shacks all over should prepare for VEX robots dropping by for spare parts just like people going to a medical clinic…

WC :cool:

Awesomeness… What song is that?

You guys have WAYYYY too much fun!
(P.S. The next time you go shopping at the mall with the guy who has the $100 bills can I come with you???)

Aw man that made me laugh soo hard…I cried.

Good Job Guys =]

Hey Vex! You still owe me $29.99 for that chain and sprocket kit! :rolleyes:
I thought you were broke and there you are at the ATM! :smiley:

Hmmm. More chain, that can only mean… a third stage on your elevator. Look out! A six foot vex is on the way! :ahh:

I just rewatched it.

Sine when do robots shop at hot topic =] =]

I will be so happy if Vex visits Santa Claus.

Art, you seem to be racking these up…



Which mall is that?


We used to demo our robot at the Brass Mill Mall since it’s only 10 minutes away. We never drove it through the mall though.

I can’t wait for the second part when Vex visits Victoria’s Secret! :smiley:

On second thought, that’s a little preverted, I should have kept that to myself. :stuck_out_tongue:

(P.S. You did notice that you spelled Victoria’s Secret wrong in the credits? Secret is supposed to have only one “r” in it.)

That is hilarious!!!

The music really takes it to the next level of comedic value. Great job guys!

Its funny as heck. Good job !!!

Oh man! That was good :smiley: Great work putting that together; Love the music

Awesome! I cant believe you got away with that

you must edit in R2D2 sounds when its ‘accessing’ the atm machine :^)

Art… simply amazing.

That was pretty cool

yay it finally worked on my computer and i love it!!! it’s cracking a huge smile on my face… BRAVO TO ALL!!

great job and keep up the great work. FIRST ROCKS!! :slight_smile: