Hilly Hundred Anyone?

Most bicyclists in Indiana know about the Hilly Hundred. What it is is a 100 mile bike ride broke up into two days (Saturday and Sunday) through some very hilly country.

The site is here.

It is really fun. There are stops with lots of food and some music. Plus it is fun to just talk to other cyclists.

Tell us if you are going or if you have any comments about the Hilly Hundred. If you do decide to go, I would love to know and meet up with you.


funny, we have a hilly hundred down here in florida as well; though we do ours in one day…

Technically we do ours in one day too, just we plan for two since it will be sunny when it starts, raining from 6pm to about 8am and then sunny again with about a 20 degree temperature drop from the day before! :stuck_out_tongue:

There’s hills in Florida? :ahh:

thats everyones first reaction; oxymoronic, isn’t it?
what our hills lack in altitude, they make up for in steepness and number.
around my area, we have two good spots for climbing: san antonio, and further east, clermont (home to the horrible hundred ride and infamous sugarloaf “mountain”). the varied terrain of the area makes for an excellent training ground; on the weds and sun rides in san ann, you’ll routinely find yourself on the wheel of pros and nationally ranked riders.

…until they drop you on powell road (at least in my case).

Try riding the hills of Texas, then you’ll get a treat.:smiley:

ever rode amicalola falls in northern georgia? going from the park entrance to the lodge, you only travel 1.75 miles, but you gain approx. 2200 ft. the only thing gnarlier than climbing this beast is threading you way through the switchbacks and blind corners on the way back down…

You mean like this:

Wichita Falls is a beautiful part of Texas. Just beautiful.

Sidenote: There are many cyclists that live and train in the Central Texas area - many in Austin.
It’s amazing.

Like Lance Armstrong. BTW, I’ll see if I can find the maps of the course we took through Texas on my bike trip. I remember that one day, the terrain map showed the path going straight up, then down, for a few of the mountians. It was a pretty easy ride though. I think that was the day when I made my record speed of 49 mph on my bike.:rolleyes: Seriosly.