[HIN]: My introdution

Hi all. Your site www.chiefdelphi.com is very suitable. I think I’ve found my constant comunication place :slight_smile:
Sorry if wrong branch

Welcome to ChiefDelphi!

It is a great source of information, communication, and community.
Have a great season!

yo welcom to ware most of the First FRC teems cunverge;)


I didn’t realize there was a second for the Hearing Impared on CD!

Some of the members from our team are from the American School for the Deaf. We have many deaf members on our team. I should point them here.

Let us know if you need anything!


I don’t want to be Mr. Mean or anything, but I almost want to call this as a potetial spam threat. I say this because I have seen a messageblike this before on the FIRST Forum. It always starts out as this site is very nice yada yada yada and a few new topics are made to trick the anti spam software. After a few days a bot takes over and e-bombs (my new word BTW) the board from top to bottem.
Another thing that makes me wonder is the disclusion of any personal information (I.e. Team number). I may be mistaken but my alarm in my head went off. Does anyone have any information on this guy to disprove me?

(http://boards.celebrityloop.com/showthread.php?p=824870) beginning to agree for some reason.

Ha! Thanks for proving my point! LOL I think I found my first oportunity to do this too!


I just had to do that!:slight_smile: