Hinged Bumpers

I want to have bump sensors on every side of my robot. Would hinging the bumpers so that they can move a little violate any rules? We can afford to have them counted in our weigh in.

I would say if the bumpers are on a moving hinge, they are no longer rigid and therefore do not meet the above requirement in <R08>. That is my opinion, but it would be a good question for the Q&A.

Interesting idea, but I would probably start working with the accelerometer or another way to deploy the touch sensor as a backup in case the Q&A says it is illegal.

The Lucas’ answer is consistent with prior year interpretations - of which we are to take no notice! :yikes:

If by “hinge” you mean some hard material like a metal door hinge, then absolutely not.

If by “hinge” you mean a piece of bumper fabric or other soft material attached to your bumper so that it will be in the corner area, then it is approved as the rules are written the way I understand it being on a team which has used Bumpers in many of the years past to FIRST Standard Bumper Specs…

See this post:

Ignore the other stuff in that post, or read it if you want, but focus on the quotes from image shown in the manual.

One of the other mentors for our team has used stuff called (i think) sensor tape for a project before - it’s basically a long piece of material that senses when it’s touched… I don’t remember the exact name or the company he got it from, but it was good enough that he used it for his masters project a few years ago… We’re going to be looking at it this week and considering a few applications for it on our robot this year.