HIRE ME, LETS TALK, pretty pls...

Are there any companies who like to hire past FIRST participants?

I’m a recent graduate (August 08) with a BSME - and am having trouble finding employment before January because of the awkward graduation date and troubling economy(most small companies don’t subscribe to the January /May hiring, but are on hiring freezes).

So, are there any companies who disregard the bureaucratic hiring practices, and love ex-FIRST participants and mentors?

A suggestion… an anonymous account probably isn’t helping your chances of finding something. If you’re really desperate enough to turn outside the normal channels, you might consider stepping out there and linking to a resume.

Then again, I’m not the type who hires…

Maybe some of those people out there who are more familiar with the process could help offer some suggestions to this young man? Any ideas?


I was not aware there was a career forum, my apologies.
Thanks for moving it.

As for anonymity, I’m just a private person. If anybody is interested in a resume, I’ll be glad to send you one.


If that’s what you want then go to career builder or monster…

don’t waste the server space please…