Hiring for Autonomous Flight Startup - Boston, LA, Denver

Hi All,

My wife asked me to post here:

Her Google Ventures backed startup, Merlin Labs, is out of stealth mode as of today and is hiring for various software and hardware development positions for their autonomous flight systems.

Oh, and she is an FRC mentor, as are a few other folks at their company!

To find out more, visit their website and their various press releases from today.

Edited listings link:


Looks really sweet!

With all the work that’s gone into existing autopilot systems, and the rigor and procedure applied to modern aviation traffic, I have to wonder if this is a more straightforward problem to solve than general on-road automotive autonomy. Could make for a really fun space to play within.

In good conditions, it is. Currently-available systems can do it.

But get into difficult conditions, where sensing technology isn’t as effective, and you run into several edge cases that don’t end well.

Every airplane always lands, eventually.


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