Hitching a Ride to Kettering mid-day on Saturday???

Hi folks,
As many of you know, I am no longer in the Detroit area because I have taken a position in the DC area working for a defense R&D outfit (Advanced Technology and Research Corp).

But, I am going to be home this weekend.

I would like to take my son up to see the Kettering Districts to see the Elimination Tourney.

But… …I don’t have a car (one is here in DC and my wife needs the one she has to run another kido around town).

I can get back home from Kettering, but I need someone who’d be willing to give me and my 13 year old a ride from somewhere in the Metro Detroit area to Kettering about mid-day.

Anyone going up that way (leaving noon-ish) and have room in their car?

I can meet you anywhere in the metro Detroit area.

PM me if you know of anyone.

Joe J.

If by midday you mean somewhere around 6:30 am I could help you, but …

I know it is a long shot, but it is my only way to get my robot fix over the weekend.

Desperate times call for desperate measures… …in this case, that means begging…

Please oh please oh PLEASE take me with you!?!??!

Joe J.

No Joy so far.

If anyone has last minute plans, PM me, I am still game to go.

Joe J.

Nice seeing you today, Joe. Hope to see you at some future events.