Hitec HS-485HB servo motor

Is there a secret to removing the central screw on the Hitec HS-485HB servo motor? Our initial thought is to to replace the arm or attach a longer arm onto the arm on the servo. If we’re to attach directly to the servo arm are there certain screws that we should use to make that attachment?
thanks, Scott

I think this is the servo we used in 2018. If so, the main thing with removing the screw was to use a good screwdriver [bit] of the right size, and provide a good force (20-30 lb?) pushing the bit into the screw head until it releases. A tee handle screwdriver or short ratchet wrench driving a good steel bit is probably the best bet.

The screw just holds the horn down into the spline; it doesn’t need to be any tighter than necessary to keep it from backing out. The torque required for a longer arm has to be provided at the spline (gear-looking head on the servo interfacing to a gear-looking hole on the horn).

And probably most important: the real limiting factor in torque is probably actually in the motor, multiplied by how it is geared down, as I learned with that same 2018 system I mentioned above. I don’t know what the thresholds actually are, but I did find out that expecting a servo to apply 2/3 of its rated torque for more than about five seconds is a recipe for unwanted smoke and lack of torque.

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