hmm...any idea?

Executing: “C:\Program Files\Microchip\MPASM Suite\MPLink.exe” /l"C:\mcc18\lib" “C:\Robotics\2006\Code06\18f8722.lkr” “C:\Robotics\2006\Code06\camera.o” “C:\Robotics\2006\Code06\camera_menu.o” “C:\Robotics\2006\Code06\eeprom.o” “C:\Robotics\2006\Code06\ifi_startup.o” “C:\Robotics\2006\Code06\ifi_utilities.o” “C:\Robotics\2006\Code06\main.o” “C:\Robotics\2006\Code06\serial_ports.o” “C:\Robotics\2006\Code06 erminal.o” “C:\Robotics\2006\Code06 racking.o” “C:\Robotics\2006\Code06 racking_menu.o” “C:\Robotics\2006\Code06\user_routines.o” “C:\Robotics\2006\Code06\user_routines_fast.o” “C:\Robotics\2006\Code06\FRC_library.lib” /o"camera.cof" /M""

MPLINK 4.02, Linker
Copyright © 2006 Microchip Technology Inc.
Error - Coff file format for ‘C:\Robotics\2006\Code06\camera.o’ is out of date.
Errors : 1

BUILD FAILED: Sat Feb 11 12:14:55 2006

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Try a clean build, or at least deleting camera.o? See if a fresh build of that file fixes things.

MPLINK 4.02 is the version of the linker that ships with C18 version 3.x, which uses a different COFF format that is not compatible with the IFI libraries. You need to use the C18 version the shipped in the KoP (2.4), you cannot use version 3.x of the compiler.