Hobbies, normal and unusual

So we all know robotics has taken over your life, but for those few spare minutes a day not spent thinking about FIRST (if thats even true!), what do you do?

I am learning to fly my RC helicopter. Also, I like to mess around with old Macintosh computers like making one into a web server.

I’ve played competitive tiddlywinks since 10th grade. Currently ranked 26th in the world.

www.etwa.org - British organization
www.tiddlywinks.org - American organization

I do lots of other stuff, but I think this is the most unusual.

I go off roading in my Jeep, Love going off road and getting that nice clean Jeep a mud bath, and this summer I am going to the Pocono Mountains to do just that. Camp Jeep 2005

Awesome! I didn’t even know that existed!

The most unusual hobby I have is probably blacksmithing. I am an apprentice blacksmith during the summer at a living history camp in California I go to. I’m part Pima indian, so that’s why I go. I blacksmith in the style of the late 1700s/early 1800s. I really love it.

Normally i dont wear safety glasses when i do it, but i had to for five minutes while we were working with a really dangerous metal and i had been blacksmithing for somewhere around five hours, so my eyes hurt. but you guys should know the importance of safety!

Its funny, a majority of people think robotics is an unusual hobby!


in my sparetime i build custom bicycles. i taught myself how to weld, so i’ve been practicing a bunch on different frames.

I also like to collect stamps…whenever i get a chance i bust out my album and put some more in.

I’m sure i’ll think of more as the day goes by…

Hrm… I’m starting a web hosting buisiness, ski racing, and racing small sailboats in my free time, and I also enjoy long walks on beaches :stuck_out_tongue:

Lets see… my current projects are:

  • Making lights in my room internet controlled
  • Making a robot positioning system for next year
  • Making a 2 wheeled balancing robot
  • Learning everything I can about computers

Hobbies? You mean there’s other things to do in the world besides FIRST, school, and work? NO WAY!! :smiley:

Until I came to college, I was quite fond of bashing around with my R/C truck–but that kinda died down as I have nowhere to store and work on them. But I’m working on running a website for my dorm–er, residence hall–er, residential college. For now, I’ll declare that as my hobby.

I’m writing, along with a few friends, an operating system for the x86, entirely in assembly language.

So far the operating system boots from the hard drive, enters 32-bit protected mode, enables paging, prints the scan codes to the screen whenever a key is pressed on the keyboard, and has a timer interrupt (the next step is to use this for multitasking).

Well Off-road Unicycling:eek: takes up a good bit of my time in the summer. (If anyone else here enjoys this hobby drop me a PM. Also attempting to start an ebay bussiness to help fund a student ambassador trip to europe this summer.

Mostly building websites, playing video games, reading and doing sports. :yikes: Not that theres much time outside of robotics however.

I do the following things:

  • Captain of a DDR team. yes, such things as this. Mine is all-female too, which some people say is wierd.

  • Learning Mandolin. It’ll get easier when Ryan’s at Purdue next year teaching me :stuck_out_tongue:

  • Cooking…yummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

  • Most importantly, getting taller, and I love to frolic

as ull prob guess from my hobbies, im liberal, but here they r

  1. four season backpacking (especially winter)
  2. model railroads
  3. boy scouts (soon to b eagle :smiley: )
  4. rock climbing

not that wierd i guess but i love it :slight_smile:


I drive ambulances.


Well…my most unusual hobby is playing hearts.

I have played hearts off and on for about 5 years. I have been ranked number 1 a few times on the league I’m on (out of 300 people; 95% of which are twice my age). It kind of dies down during school, so I’m not very good right now, but I’ll probably start again during the summer.

I’m in 3 bands and do solo stuff as well. 1 of them is a joke hip hop band called “The Craig T Nelson Experience” one is a performace art troupe and one is a Mr. Bungle-esq genre hoping band which alot of free-jazz and noise music influence. I also do solo music spanning everything from trip-hop to ambient to digital hardcore type stuff.

I am also into Circuit Bending, which is the process of modifying things like childrens toys that make sounds and turning them into musical instruments that often times produce glitch music and other strange results. google search for ‘circuit bending’ for more info on that one.

I collect vintage computers, enjoy photography, design websites, and goto lots of shows.

Its still FIRST related, but often when i have free time I am scheming something together for IndianaFIRST…werd.

I am a ham radio operator (extra class) and have built many radios and accessories. I experiment with antenna design and prefer throwing a wire up between two trees and operating on battery the best. I was able to listen in on a contact with King Hussein of Jordan before his death, and have worked stations all over the world. Some of the most interesting were marines in Guantanomo Bay, Cuba, a doctor at an outpost in the Africa savanna, russian and Czech hams after the breakup of the Soviet block and the first licensed ham in Sweden.

When I can find time I enjoy reading, surfing the web… I used to create a lot of websites but don’t have the time right now. I took up jewelry making earlier in the year… I enjoy face painting (which is a leftover skill from my clowning days)…