Hojo Express

Greatest hotel ever. Hehe. For all you teams that got to stay at the non-ghetto Mariotts or whatever…you have no clue what you were missing. Team 84 (me) was there with team 5…and uhh…two other teams that I forget (957 and something?). There was a barbecue proceeded by fully-clothed swimming (started by a friend of mine and myself) then ultimate frisbee (which was broken up by police). There were places in that part of town we weren’t allowed to go…like the 420 Smoke Shop…and a weird grocery store. In my room, the door didn’t quite close right…the toilet started working 2 days after we got there, the water was yellow/orange. There was also a building with a pentagram and ‘666’ spray painted on. It might have been a devil sign…or maybe it was just part of the phone number :smiley:

Good times…good times. :stuck_out_tongue:

It was an upside down pentagram. That is a devil sign. Right side up isn’s.

Well, I mean the ‘666’. Since the phone number for the hotel was 1-xxx-666-xxxx. Hehe.

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**Well, I mean the ‘666’. Since the phone number for the hotel was 1-xxx-666-xxxx. Hehe. **

hah! my number has 666 in it too… my friends make fun of me for it 'cuz I’m christian…they think it’s hilarious.

Heck yea that was awsome!

5, 84, 181, 503, and 957!!

That was fun at the team party! (our own!) Our toilet worked w/o any problem, but our door was a little warped and we had to slam it to get it to shut. Mad fun!!

All you teams really missed out!

The clothes-on pool was cool. Throwing people in there was great. You other teams really did miss out!

The whole 666 thing was funny. We had a “dirty” night club right next door. Our pool did work fine!! Breakfast wasn’t too bad. It was funny when the cops stopped by. As soon as the car drives by, everyone leaves! I got some pitctures of the team party that i wanna upload to CD.com when i get them developed! (when i have my picture w/ Dean Kamen, I have uploaded all the images!)

All-in-all I think that the fun we had at the hotel was better than going into the playoffs!

Thank you all teams that went to the hotel and agreed to the b-b-q that we had on thursday night!!!

Now you let the secret out of the bag everyone will want to stay at the HOJO. It was fun at our party at the pool. I still say our kids on team 5 are not normal.

Heh, didn’t see this topic here. I put up a reply about HOJO on another thread…here it is: http://www.chiefdelphi.com/forums/showthread.php?s=&threadid=20181&perpage=10&pagenumber=4

I also have the pic of Satan’s barn there.

hahahaha - the barn!! LOL!!!

Good times - good times…