Hold Back Mass

How much Hold Back Mass is legal? By hold back i mean any parts that can be worked on or added on after the robotic is completed and not put in the bag.

According to the FRC Manual:

HOWEVER, Frank recently posted in the FRC Blog that the weight limit will be upped to 45 pounds.

Thanks alot

Actually it is 45 pounds weight, not mass.

No, I heard it was £45.

So we can bring 6x more to the Lunar Regional than all other regionals? no fair to those not going!

The hold back mass this year is, as of yesterday, ~1.399 slugs.

Seriously though, teams at the Colorado regional get an extra like half pound with witholding at 45 pounds when compared to sea level. Also, their robot can then be like a 1.4 pounds more massive.

g at sea level is 9.80665 m/s^2.
g in Denver is 9.796 m/s^2. I just converted pounds to kg and back again. I didn’t want to go screwing around in imperial units.

*I am not actually saying this is an issue.

EDIT: *******Wait, I definitely did that wrong. SORRY GUYS!
its only a half newton difference on a 120lb robot. so like a tenth of a pound at sea level.