Holdback Allowance Question

Does anyone know if the holdback/withholding allowance pertains to each competition or all competitions?

For instance, if we brought in 30lbs of fabricated items and installed and left 10lbs on the robot, are we allowed to make 10lb of other items for the next competition?

Yes, each competition is separate.

Please! Do you think a inspector like me is going to know the difference between you caring in a can of span or sardines? As far as I care you can back up the trailer to the pits. It’s all about your level of honor. You rat some one out. You will have a hard time finding some one to tell. Peace Out Mentor Mac.

Even better than that, you can make an entirely different set of 30# for the next competition. You don’t have to reuse the 20# left over from the first competition.

Or throw the extra 20# in the robot bag or another bag, then bring yet more stuff to the next event. 3 events + Champs = +1 robot!.

That’s actually our game plan. Have our alliance partner in our own bag by champs. /s

Could you imagine how nutz that would be.

While inspectors don’t go digging through pits to try to “catch” teams, we do keep an eye out for obvious withholding and weigh it if appropriate. Every year I’ve been an LRI there’s been at least 1 team at my event that has had to do some work to get their withholding legal. I always have a handful of inspectors available during load-in to help keep an eye out and to handle bag and tag. So please, don’t act like this is something team’s shouldn’t think about or something they should make an effort to hide.