Holiday Season VS FRC Season?

There is always the joke that kickoff is our holiday gift, but which would you rather prefer? If you could only have one, would you pick the holidays, or the FRC season?

The FRC season is hard enough as it is spending so much time away from my wife, I wouldn’t give up the time I get to spend with the rest of my family over the holidays. So for me I’d take the Holiday season.

Kickoff is my Christmas!

I would definitely pick Kickoff. Getting a new game is much better than getting Christmas presents.

Because robotics consumes the majority of my life the gifts I would get go to waste in that sense. Kickoff is my Christmas

FRC season makes my students happy.
Holiday season makes my family happy.

Holiday by a landslide.

Getting the feeling students choose kickoff while mentors choose holidays.

While both have their joys, and both have their pains. I’d choose the Holiday season. I tend to be in a much more relaxed state during the holiday season.

Holiday season means sleeping in, delicious homemade food, and most importantly visiting family and good friends (including FRC friends I don’t get to see often).

FRC season means stressful fun, lack of sleep, food out of a box more often than not, and (sometimes smelly [seriously, take time to shower]) awesome teenagers. It’s one of my favorite times of the year, but I’ll choose the holiday season every time. :o

That is a keeper.

I opened our AndyMark First Choice box and I looked like a kid on Christmas morning. Robotics season and Kickoff IS my Christmas.